Private Grouptraining 2023

We offer private and regular group lessons for a minimum of three people to improve your golf game throughout the season.

A warm welcome! If you are a group of at least three people and would like to train together, the Golfsport Manufaktur is the place for you.

Our group training is the perfect opportunity to improve your skills and reduce your handicap. We offer you an individual training plan that will accompany you throughout the season.

Our expert team of coaches will help you achieve your goals. Together we will work on your weaknesses and build on your strengths. This will allow you to progress and improve your performance as a group.

The best part? Our group training is available for as little as 80€ per training session. So take the chance now to improve your golf skills and have fun with your friends at the same time.

We look forward to helping you become better golfers!


Gruppentraining Preise 2023
 Privat Grouptraining for a min. of 3 Golf Valley Members per TU from 85,00€ 10er TE Kurs Abo from 800,00€
 Privat Grouptraining for a min. of 3 Golf Valley Member Guests per TU from 90,00€ 10er TE Kurs Abo from 850,00€
 Privat Grouptraining for a min. of 3 Golf Valley Junior Members per TU from 80,00€ 10er TE Kurs Abo from 750,00€
 Privatgruppentrainings for a min. of 3 Golf Valley Junior Members Guests per TU from90,00€ 10er TE Kurs Abo from 850,00€
Each additional person member & guest per TU 5€ 10er TE Kurs Abo 50€


One training unit is 45 min. The prices vary depending on the education and experience of the trainers. Range balls are included in the lesson price.

Inform and register now at or Tel +49 8024 90 279 23


Termine können individuell mit dem Trainer abgesprochen werden