DGV German Course License

Do you want to experience the fascination of golf first hand? Then the golf certification course at Golfsport Manufaktur is just the right thing for you!

Our experienced instructors will accompany you on your way to the Platzreife certificate and help you take your golf game to the next level.

In our course, you'll learn everything you need to get off to a successful start on the golf course: from the basics of the golf swing, to rules and etiquette, to strategy and tactics. You will also receive practical tips on how to improve your game and have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other golf enthusiasts in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Our golf course is suitable for everyone who wants to get to know the sport of golf. Whether you are a complete beginner or have already had your first experience of golf, we will tailor the lessons to suit your level.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for our golf course and experience golf first hand at the Golfsport Manufaktur!

Group course

2 days intensive group course. If desired, an additional 2 days can be added the next weekend for an additional 50% of the course price. During the week, the Golf Sport Manufaktur flat rate course can be attended for further training for a fee. 

Dates: starting 04.04.

Content: Official DGV course (14 training units for practice, theory and exam)
incl. rental clubs, balls during the course hours

Location: Golf Academy Range

Extent: 14 golf units (45 minutes) incl. theory and exam

Cost per person: 

Course maturity course 249€
Repeat course 129€
Repeat course only 49€

Inquiries via mail: info@golfsportmanufaktur.de

Booking via Swingworks:https://golf.swingworks.de/de/golfclubs/golfsport-manufaktur-golf-valley#course

Corporate / Private Course:

Dates freely selectable within 5-6 weeks. Trainer can be booked individually. Last exam date.

Content: Official DGV course for golfers
incl. rental clubs, balls during the course times

Location: Golf Academy Range

Extent: 14 golf units (45 minutes) incl. theory and exam

Cost per person: 

1.050,00 € for one participant (incl. examination fee)
595,00 € for 2 participants (incl. examination fee)
445,00 € for 3 participants (incl. examination fee)
375,00€ for 4 participants (incl. examination fee) 
319,00€ for 5 participants (incl. examination fee) 
279,00€ for 6 participants (incl. examination fee) 
Repeat test 49€

Requests for company / private course via mail: info@golfsportmanufaktur.de

Booking via Swingworks: https://golf.swingworks.de/de/platzreifekurse/golfsport-manufaktur-golf-valley

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ab 20.04.2024


  • Number of participants: min. 4 - max. 9
  • 10 training units of 50 minutes each on 4 dates (group training)
  • Rental clubs
  • Practice balls and range fees during the course times.
  • Free use of the GSM training facilities 10 min. before and after course

Preise Alle Preise inkl. MWSt.

DGV German Golf License 249 €
Repeat Course 129 €
Repeat Exam 59 €
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