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Golfsport Manufaktur

holistic approach to golf performance

You like golf? So do we. A common ground that all golfers share. What distinguishes us is not only the individual approach, but also the motivation that attracts us to the golf course time and again. For some it is a pure leisure sport, others love sporting competition. That is why one of our principles is to cater for every type of player in our course offering. From inexpensive taster training and DGV Platzreife courses to individually tailored one-to-one lessons, we offer a wide range of opportunities to improve your golf game professionally and with lots of fun. In addition, there are our tailor-made special courses and the unique Golf Nerd Courses, to which we have already invited selected experts from all over the world.

GSM Schäfflertanz int. Open 2020

Inspired by the Munich Schäfflertanz the Golfsport Manufaktur and Golf Valley invented the Golfsportmanufaktur Schäfflertanz Intl. Open at Golf Valley.

Improve your Golf with special courses of the Golfsport Manufaktur

Golf is one of the most challenging sports there is, and it takes a lot of practice to be successful on the course.

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2.AimPoint course on 26.03.2023

Due to overbooking of the first course we offer a second one for you!

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Private Grouptraining 2023

For continuous training throughout the season in a group, there are our private group courses for 3 people or more.

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