Our Team

Without our team we could not achieve our ambitious goals.

Danny Wilde

golf coach, fitness coach

Danny coached Athletes of all Levels and Tours up to PGA Tour Professionals (eg Martina Eberl and Al ...

Jens Messerschmidt


Jens founded his private practice for physiotherapy in 2017 and looks after numerous customers. Base ...

Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Beckmann

sports psychologist

Jürgen is a long-time sports psychologist, chair of sports psychology at the Technical University o ...

Daniel Kleiner

golf coach, fitness coach, nutrition coach

Daniel is a qualified PGA Golf Instructor and, in addition to his golf teaching commitment he has b ...

Max Röger


With Max Röger, we were able to recruit a highly motivated young man to the Golfsport Manufaktur at ...

Niclas Gimmy


With Niclas Gimmy, we were able to attract a highly motivated young man to the Golfsport Manufaktur ...

Christopher Buck

golf coach

Christopher is Fully Qualified Professional and holds the B-Trainer license of the DGV.

Sixten Rigol

golf coach, Club Fitter

One of the best fitters in Germany & highly qualified coach!

Joshua Bail

fitness coach

Joshua Bail is a highly motivated and humorous athletic trainer with whom you can achieve your goals ...