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Christopher Buck

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Christopher Buck

Christopher is Fully Qualified Professional and holds the B-Trainer license of the DGV.

Christopher is a PGA Golf Professional and holds the B-Trainer Performance Sports License of the DGV. He started his training in 2019 at the Golfresort Bad Griesbach and successfully completed it in 2021. Since April 2022 he has been part of the coaching team at Golfsport Manufaktur. Here, in addition to hobby golfers of all performance levels, he also takes care of junior training and is part of the coaching team of the Bundesliga team. 



  • Fully Qualified PGA Golf Professional
  • B-Trainer Leistungssport
  • C-Trainer Leistungssport
  • Swing Catalyst Level 1 - Certified Instructor
  • TrackMan University Professional Level 2 certified

Preise Alle Preise inkl. MWSt.

Individual Coaching (45min.) 75 €
Individual Coaching GUEST (45min.) 80 €
10x Individual Coaching (45min.) 700 €

One TE (training session) corresponds to 45 minutes. Prices are per person, each additional person pays € 5 per TE. Guests pay an additional € 5/TE (for balls, practicing outdoors 30 minutes before / after class and using the range). Indoor bookings subject to availability.

You can find all information about the coaches at www.Golfsportmanufaktur.de. You are welcome to send us an email at info@GolfsportManufaktur.de. You can register and book for coaching at www.swingworks.de.

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