Team Valley at the DGV Team Cup

Strong result despite unpleasant weather conditions!

Torrential rain and strong wind gusts accompanied this year's team cup of the DGV at the GC Hardenberg near Göttingen.

Despite those additional difficulties, the team of GC Valley won the victory of the first day with a phenomenal 214 strokes, led by Chiara Horder, who finished with 2 under PAR.

Although the weather continued to get worse on the second and third day, Team Valley performed strongly and finally finished fifth with an average of 8 strokes above PAR per day.

"We are happy for the winners from the Berlin Wannsee Golf Club and congratulate the Hamburg Falkenstein Golf Club. We are also very satisfied with our own performance. The girls fought shot for shot and I am happy about the result. We know that we are at the top in Bavaria with the women/girls, that we are among the top five of Germany and always have a chance for a little more .... that makes us confident for the new season", says head coach Danny Wilde.