One stroke decides for the ladies, men still with white vest

After singles and foursomes on their own course, the team of coach Danny Wilde had a lead of 18 strokes over their pursuers Eichenried (+38) with a score of 20 over par on their home day and recorded their second win of the day this season. The first division women competed on the course of promoted Fürth and secured third place there and thus three important points for the desired entry into the Final Four. The success was completed by the district league men: they also won their match day.
The fact that Valley's first division ladies are still the hottest contenders for the second Final Four starting spot after the third day of play in the German Golf League presented by All4Golf - the first spot has probably been awarded early to the team from St. Leon-Rot, which once again impressively demonstrated its strength with an overall score of 40 under par on the course of the 1st GC Fürth - has a lot to do with the consistently good performance of Chiara Horder this weekend. With 2 under par and 5 under par she completed her two singles brilliantly, and together with Nina Lang she played a par round in the foursome and thus also the best result of her club in the team event. For the first time this season, the ladies of the 1st Bundesliga Süd were also allowed to send the foursome onto the course on Saturday afternoon, in addition to which two individual rounds were on the program on both mornings of the matchday weekend.
With 2 under par in each case, Nina Lang and Chiara Horder initially provided the best Valleyer individual results on Saturday and took advantage of the good playing conditions on the not too long but well-maintained course of the 1st GC Fürth. Behind them, however, Lilian Klug (+4), Verena Gimmy (+5) and Selina Weiher (+5) remained partly clearly below their possibilities in midsummer heat; Sonya Knebel even had to sign a round of 85 (+13) - the stroke result on this day. Thus, Valley recorded 10 over par after the singles, in the foursome added another stroke, because Verena Gimmy and Lilian Klug finished their round with 73 strokes. This placed the team in 5th and last position after the first day. What the course and the extremely faithful greens actually yielded in terms of birdie chances on this day was made clear by the round of 63 from European champion Paula Schulz-Hanßen (GC St. Leon-Rot).
"Saturday was a rather bumpy day for us," then analyzed Constantin Schwierz, who accompanied the women's team as assistant coach; head coach Danny Wilde devoted himself to the Valley second-league men on their home day. "We have the talent and quality on the team that if we play our game solidly, we can be at least No. 2 in this league. We want to prove that," Schwierz said. Which is what Valley's ladies then succeeded in doing on Sunday. In addition to the round of 67 from women's national player Chiara Horder, two good par rounds from the reigning Bavarian champion Lilian Klug and LETAS Tour player Verena Gimmy were also scored, while Ramona Zauner and Mid Amateur European champion Maria Anetseder played solidly at 3 and 4 over par respectively. In the end, the team recorded 13 over par in Fürth and finished third behind St. Leon-Rot (-40) and Frankfurt GC (+12). Places 4 and 5 went to Munich GC Straßlach (+14) and the host team of the 1st GC Fürth (+25). Says Schwierz: "It was important that we kept our nerve today and were still able to collect at least three points for the standings." He sees room for improvement in the foursomes in particular, and in the wedge game. "We know very well what we still have to work on until the fourth match day, and then we hope to be able to use our home advantage."
In the rankings of the 1st Bundesliga Süd, Valley's ladies continue to occupy second place, four points behind GC St. Leon-Rot (15 points) after three match days with 11 points. Munich GC ranks third with eight points, ahead of Frankfurt (6) and Fürth (4). The fourth day of play will take place on July 17 and 18 at GC Valley Munich, and of course the ladies' first home win is the goal for GC Valley.
Head coach Danny Wilde was satisfied overall with the third day of play: "Verena has been playing through the weeks and has kept her score together well. Chiara actually should have gotten her high school diploma on Friday, but brought the training in Fürth forward - that probably paid off. Ramona took her great form from the Bavarian Championship with her and played a good round. My announcement was to combine forces and see how the first three tournament rounds felt. With the hot temperatures, it was certainly a big challenge for everyone.

Constantin managed and coached it well - it's an enrichment to use him on match days."
Match days that, in Wilde's opinion, are ultimately just preliminary skirmishes for the Final Four: "Compared to St. Leon-Rot, all the other teams are just extras fighting for second place in this preliminary round. Fortunately, a different format will be played at the Final Four - then the cards will be reshuffled."
Second day win in a row
While the first division women want to take a mighty step towards the Final Four in four weeks in front of their own crowd, also aiming for their first home win, the second division men have already realized the home win goal on Sunday, coming a big step closer to the desired promotion to League 1. A solid middle, consistency in the team and strong fours: that was the recipe for success in front of their own crowd on the Championship pitch. After winning the opening day of the league, they naturally wanted to score five points on their home day in order to climb up the table and achieve promotion to the first division. Coach Danny Wilde therefore sent the strongest line-up that the squad currently allows onto the course, with Eric Dörrenberg, Nicolas Horder, Florian Horder, Raphael Geissler, Nicklas Borrmann, Tarek Baraka, Christian Apelt and Vitek Novak all with a handicap index of well below par. 
With GC München Eichenried and GC Feldafing, the toughest competition came from the extended neighborhood, as well as the men from GC Kirchheim-Wendlingen and GC Domäne Niederreutin. In the end, all the guests were without a chance. With 20 over par, GC Valley München also secured victory on the second day of play and now leads the table with the maximum possible ten points, ahead of Eichenried (8) and the teams from Feldafing, Niederreutin and Kirchheim-Wendlingen, who have each collected four points so far. In the singles, Nicolas Horder shone with -1 and Vitek Novak with a par round, for a total of 15 strokes over par. In the foursomes, Borrmann/Geissler (+1) as well as Horder/Dörrenberg (+2) and Baraka/Novak (+2) collected only a total of five more strokes over par, putting Valley well ahead of the competition.
"For the first time in the history of the club, we were able to achieve a home victory in the Bundesliga," Danny Wilde was pleased to say and sees this as a "good sign, which motivates us to believe even more strongly in promotion." Valley can make it perfect on the next match day in Feldafing, and Danny Wilde will again prepare his men perfectly for this task.
However, a dilemma may still befall him on July 18: He may have to decide on Sunday whether to celebrate the women's first Bundesliga home victory or at least an early entry into the Final Four at home in Valley, or whether to celebrate promotion to League 1 with the men in Feldafing. Truly not an easy choice, but on the other hand also a problem that many head coaches would very much like to have.