Final Four German Team Champs 2021

Alveslohe - Despite the constant change between rain and later also dry, almost sunny moments, the ladies of the GLC Berlin-Wannsee and the Hamburg GC already delivered a duel worth seeing at the highest level in the three foursomes in the morning.
It is always fascinating to see how emotions run high in match play and how the opponents spur each other on to top performances and magnificent shots. Adrenalin is a drug that makes you addicted to more. If the DGL final tournament did not exist, a Final Four would have to be invented.
In the final, Emily Krause and Alexandra Försterling (Wannsee) battled it out in the foursome against Leonie Wulfers and Emilie von Finckenstein. The Berlin internationals always had their noses in front, but the Hanseatic players were able to set pinpricks several times and thus kept the result close. After twelve lanes, the Berliners seemed to be leading by 3, but then gave away three lanes in a row, so that Hamburg could put everything back to zero with all square. 


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Many thanks to our supporters without whom such a performance would not have been possible!

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