Flat Rate Golf Training at Golf Valley

Better play golf through continuity, book up to 5 times a week.

The quickest way to get better is with regular golf training. We want you to have fun and get better. Therefore, the GSM has come up with something special. The first flat rate golf training at Valley Golf Club. For just € 69 per month, you learn to play better golf. We teach you in every area in up to 5 days a week and 1.5 golf lessons each. Get up to 30 golf lessons per month. Simply register with us and start immediately. Each course unit is limited to 9 participants, and registration is made separately online at www.birdiecoach.com.


Dienstag 19:00 Uhr - 20:20 Uhr Daniel Kleiner
Mittwoch 19:00 Uhr - 20:20 Uhr Peter Mally
Donnerstag 19:00 Uhr - 20:20 Uhr Daniel Kleiner
Freitag 19:00 Uhr - 20:20 Uhr Peter Mally
Samstag 11:00 Uhr - 12:20 Uhr Lars Söderström


  • up to 30 Golflessons possible per month (4 weeks)
  • up to 5 appointments at 1.5 Golflessons possible per week


  • all performance-determining factors in the sport of golf
  • including range balls
  • online booking

Prices All prices incl. VAT

Flatrate 69 €


  • Flat rate courses are personal and not transferable.
  • A maximum of 9 participants are allowed per course date
  • The booking is only made online at www.birdiecoach.com
  • You can only book 1 appointment in advance.
    (The next appointment can be booked after the booked and visited appointment)
  • Cancellations must be announced at least 24 hours in advance
    (repeated no-shows after a seat reservation or late cancellation leads to a 4-week ban)
  • The course begins on the day of booking the course
  • Contribution is due on the 1st day of each month
  • The flat rate course must be booked until the end of October
  • Prevention by training personnel is compensated